You need at least this base package:
- libcp-0.1.tar.gz

Additional there are the following modules available:
- module-imageio.tar.gz to equip the library with image loading and saving support (PNG and TIFF)
- module-contour.tar.gz is an implementation of the well known snake algorithm for contour detection
- module-videocapture.tar.gz supports philips webcam compatible usb video cameras

Or download the complete release package with all modules here:
- venae-complete-0.1.tar.gz

The following packages are available for download:
- Sorry, non yet (CRUX package and rpm to come)


  1. Download the base package/complete package
  2. Optionaly download modules
  3. Unpack all packages into the same directory:
    $ tar xfvz venae-0.1.tar.gz
    $ tar xfvz module-imageio.tar.gz
    $ tar xfvz venae-complete-0.1.tar.gz
  4. Change to the extraction directory:
    $ cd venae-0.1
  5. Only if you have downloaded additional modules:
    $ ./
    Then you can run the configure script:
    $ ./configure
    $ ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX
    if you like venae to be installed in a different directory than /usr/local
  6. Run make:
    $ make
  7. Become root, and install the package:
    $ su
    $ make install
    $ make DESTDIR=$DESTINATION install