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Current release: VENAE 0.1

What VENAE is

The computer vision system VENAE is a ambitious project, whichs aim is to create an easy to use application for performing computer vision tasks through image processing. It is mainly developed on the linux platform but the code will compile on other platforms (windows) as well, since the C++ STL (standart template library) is used.
The project is split up in three parts, so called layers:
  • The first layer is a computer vision library called libcp, which provides the needed image processing functionality.
  • Layer two is implementing a framework that consists of so called processors. They can be combined together in a maner that ones output is the other ones input. This lets the user create the different combination of mechanisms needed for performing, even difficult, computer vision tasks.
  • The third layer is a graphical user interface, written using the QT library, which visualizes the underlying logic and allows performing the mentioned combination of processors visualy. This graphical tool is called VisionCAD

What VENAE means

VENAE is the latin word for eagle. Since eagles have very clear and sharp vision they are a perfect symbol for the vision system.
If our eagle mascot looks familiar to you, like the one often used by a huge country, this is pure coincidence and not at all intended.


The following features are planed for futur releases:
  1. Windows support Release 0.2
  2. The processor framework Release 0.5
  3. Complete Computer Vision System (incl GUI) Release 1.0
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With a little delay, the development of the graphical user interface called VisionCAD started today. The first screenshots will be available soon.

Our team proudly presents VENAE version 1.0
Download our first release here

VENAE Project launch